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Rockingham County Public Library

Rockingham County Public Library - Policies and Procedures

This guide was created to give an overview of all the policies and procedures of the Rockingham County Public Library. You will find a description of each policy or procedure and also an attached document that you can download to your computer.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Policy # 1.1
Effective 6/01/17

To provide for the informational, cultural, entertainment and educational needs of the citizens of Rockingham County in the most efficient, economic, and courteous way.

Travel Policy

Travel Policy
Policy # 1.4
Effective 2/15/17

All travel will be subject to Rockingham County's Travel Policy. All forms required by this policy must be filled out and submitted to the County Finance Officer before being reimbursed for travel expenses.


l. The County Manager and the Library Director must approve all out of State travel.

2. Out of State travel must be included in the budget.


l. All out of county travel must be approved by the Director.

2. Out of County Travel must be included in the budget.

Travel Procedures

Travel Procedures
Policy # 1.4
Effective 2/15/17


The County Travel Policy controls Meals and Lodging (this is included in Section 1 of the Library Policy and Procedures Manual).  Make sure to check the County Policy before traveling since different parts of North Carolina may have different reimbursement rates.

Any questions should be directed to supervisor or the Administrative Assistant.

  1. Plan far enough ahead to insure a Library or County vehicle will be available. Call Outreach to reserve the library’s van or call the Administrative Assistant to help in requesting a County vehicle.
  2. If a vehicle is not available, check with the Director to make sure that there is enough money in the Travel Account to reimburse or mileage.
  3. Fill out an "Out of County Travel Request" form. Include mileage (reimbursed at current county rate) and all potential expenses that can be determined. Have the Branch Manager sign and send to the office for the Library Director’s signature at least 2 weeks prior to travel.
  4. Fill out and submit all required forms included in the County Travel Policy and submit to the Administrative Assistant for processing for reimbursement.

Out of Country Travel Request

Adverse Weather Notification (County)

Travel Policy (County)