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Rockingham County Public Library

Rockingham County Public Library - Policies and Procedures

This guide was created to give an overview of all the policies and procedures of the Rockingham County Public Library. You will find a description of each policy or procedure and also an attached document that you can download to your computer.

5.1 Art Display Policy

5.1 Art Display Procedure

5.2 Gift Policy (not for Circulating Collection)

5.2 Gift Procedure (not for Circulating Collection)

5.3 Financial Control Policy

5.3 Financial Control Procedure

5.4 Soliciting Policy

5.5 Personal Electronics Policy

5.6 Delivery Procedures

5.7 Supplies Procedures

5.8 Returned Check Policy

5.8 Returned Check Procedure

5.14 Code of Conduct Policy

5.14 Code of Conduct Procedure

Letter to Person that Wrote a Bad Check to the Library